Can TSA Detect Magic Mushrooms? What You Need to Know

Can TSA Detect Magic Mushrooms? What You Need to Know

Traveling with magic mushrooms raises many questions about security and legality. Understanding TSA's capabilities and policies can help travelers make informed decisions.

1. TSA Screening Procedures

TSA primarily focuses on threats to aviation security, such as weapons and explosives. While their screening equipment can detect organic materials, identifying magic mushrooms specifically is challenging.

2. Visual Inspection

If mushrooms are hidden in food or other items, they may go undetected. However, TSA agents may identify them during visual inspections, especially if they are in their original form.

3. Legal Risks

Possession of magic mushrooms is illegal in many places. If discovered, travelers could face legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment.

4. Alternatives
Don't travel with raw mushrooms. 
Chocolates, capsules or gummies are a great alternative.
Buy gummies, remove the packaging or anything that says "Magic" or Psilocybin, place them in a bag with other candy or trail mix. 
Consider having EDEN ship them to your destination!

Travelers should weigh the risks and benefits before attempting to transport magic mushrooms, keeping in mind the potential legal ramifications.

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