Introducing Neautropics: Elevate Your Mind with the Power of Mushrooms

Introducing Neautropics: Elevate Your Mind with the Power of Mushrooms

At EDEN, we're thrilled to announce the launch of Neautropics, a brand dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of mushrooms to elevate your mind and enrich your lifestyle. Neautropics believes in empowering individuals on their journey of self-discovery, encouraging them to connect, explore, and elevate their true selves. With an unwavering commitment to using only the finest and most wholesome ingredients, Neautropics offers a range of products designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily life.

Neautropics Magic Mushroom Bars: A Decadent Journey

Introducing Neautropics Magic Mushroom Bars, a premium psilocybin-infused bar available in six delectable flavors: Dark Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, Poppin' with Pride, Seafaring Pretzel, and Milk Choc Crunch. Each bar contains 6 grams of psilocybin, offering a rich and immersive experience. Crafted with organic ingredients, these bars promise a decadent treat that combines bold flavors with the transformative effects of magic mushrooms.

Neautropics Gummies: Precision and Convenience

For those who prefer a more controlled and customizable experience, Neautropics Gummies are the ultimate solution. Available in Blueberry, Mango, Apple, and Kiwi, each pack contains 10 gummies with a total of 4 grams of premium-quality psilocybin mushrooms. Each gummy is meticulously dosed at 0.4 grams, allowing users to tailor their journey to their preference—whether it's a microdose for enhanced focus and creativity or a higher dose for a deeper exploration of consciousness.

Neautropics Spray Tinctures: Subtle and Effective

For those seeking functional stimulation and cognitive benefits without the heavy trip, Neautropics Spray Tinctures offer a true microdosing solution. Available in Mint and Concord Grape, these tinctures use pure actives for a more subtle effect, perfect for enhancing focus and performance. Ideal for use before work, meditation, or creative endeavors, the spray tinctures offer a convenient and precise way to experience the benefits of psilocybin.

At Neautropics, the purpose goes beyond the products themselves. Much like the ancient mycelium network, Neautropics aims to connect individuals on their journey together as one. The inclusive multitude of flavors and forms—from bars and gummies to spray tinctures—ensures that there is something for everyone. By bringing these products and people together, Neautropics harnesses the full potential of mushrooms for a better, more connected experience.
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