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Blue Unicorn (hybrid) 3.5g

Blue Unicorn (hybrid) 3.5g

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Famous for its gorgeous appearance and candy-like flavor, Blue Unicorn is the perfect choice for any fan of high-class hybrids. This bud has beautiful fluffy, oversized conical dark olive green nugs with bright purple and blue undertones. As you pull apart each frosty little nugget, aromas of spicy mangoes, creamy cheese and earthy pungency are released, all accented by a punch of sour citrus. The flavor is very similar, with a sweet fruity blueberry taste accented by tropical mangoes and sour citrus. The Blue Unicorn high will wash over you slowly in warming waves of tingly stimulation. You'll feel physically aroused with a sense of budding relaxation that helps your body to settle down yet stay ready for action. A boost in euphoria accompanies this physical relaxation, helping you to feel relief from any daily stressors while putting a smile on your face.




Lineage: Blue Sherbert x Unicorn Poop

Effects: Giggly, Aroused, Happy

Terpenes (Aroma): Blueberry, Berry, Mango

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