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Magic Kingdom Chocolate Bar

Magic Kingdom Chocolate Bar

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4g (0.5g per piece x 8 pieces)

Magic Kingdom is created by two culinary chefs of Michelin starred restaurants who came together to create a product that bridges the micro-dosers with the macro-dosers of "Magic Mushrooms". Using their creativity of flavor-profiles with the science of enriching body high that no other brand can compare. The finest Belgian chocolate is used in all Magic Kingdom bars to create the smooth and rich texture that melts in your mouth.

Dark Chocolate Ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor, active mushroom blend

Dark Chocolate Acai: dark chocolate, dried acai, berries, vitamin B12, active mushroom blend

Strawberry Ingredients: natural extract, white chocolate, dried strawberry, graham crackers, cream cheese, natural strawberry extract, vitamin B12, active mushroom blend (contains: milk)

Hazelnut Crunch Ingredients: milk chocolate, hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate wafers, vitamin B12, active mushroom blend

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