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APE Diamond Infused Pre-Roll Pack

APE Diamond Infused Pre-Roll Pack

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7 pre rolls x 0.5g each (3.5g total)

Improve your cannabis consumption with APE Infused Pre-Rolls. Each package contains 7 neatly made pre-rolls, perfectly portioned with 3.5 grams of high-quality weed. These infused pre-rolls are a real treat for cannabis lovers. APE Infused Pre-rolls are the perfect pack for a week of entertainment.

With every puff, you will feel the balanced combination of high-quality components, giving a smooth and aromatic flavor. We are glad to know that APE Infused Pre-Rolls have been named as one of the best products of 2022 by Weedmaps. Treat yourself to the best cannabis and enjoy the APE Infused Pre-Rolls.

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