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Cannabis Culture Club Sun Rocks

Cannabis Culture Club Sun Rocks

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Sun rocks take the benefits of moon rocks—potent effects, high THC, and a combination of cannabis extracts—and turn them up a notch.  More specifically, Sun Rocks premium cannabis nugs dipped in premium hash oil, then rolled in THCA Crystalline.

Sun Rocks switch out low-quality hash oil—often created through extracting trim and shake—for a top-shelf concentrate extracted from nugs of the same strain. The resulting resin is trichome-rich, packing more flavor into each hit than typical hash oil. Plus, the purity of the oil makes the extract clearer, allowing consumers to see the bud, even through the dusting of kief. These upgraded elements aren’t just for taste; they also contribute to the higher potency of sun rocks. Moon rocks typically reach up to 60% THC at their most potent, but sun rocks can test over 80% THC.

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