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EDEN Sex Drive Micro Dose Caps

EDEN Sex Drive Micro Dose Caps

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Sex Drive Micro Dose Caps, a natural and subtle way to boost your sex drive. Crafted with precision-measured psilocybin mushroom extracts, EDEN Sex Drive Micro Dose Caps enhance intimacy and sensory perception. Experience a deeper connection with your partner. Mindful and responsible use recommended. Prioritize consent and communication in relationships.

20 caps x 0.2g each

4g total

EDEN has created its own special all organic blend of adaptogens perfect for the micro dosing user.  This blend has been developed through extensive research to give the user optimal mental and physical gains. (For micro dosing, it is recommended to take one pill every 3rd day to start.  Users are welcome to increase usage as they become more adapt and comfortable.)

Ingredients: raw organic mushroom powder, organic yohimbe bark, organic maca, organic damiana, organic arginine, organic cocoa 

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