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EDEN Tropical Berry Fusion Macro-Dose Gummies

EDEN Tropical Berry Fusion Macro-Dose Gummies

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Unpack the transformative potential of our Macrodosed Gummies, each infused with 0.4g of premium psilocybin. Through our expert extraction techniques, we've perfected the art of extracting psilocybin from mushrooms, ensuring optimal potency. Crafted with organic ingredients, our gummies offer a delightful taste experience. Whether you're seeking mood enhancement, anxiety relief, or spiritual exploration, our gummies provide a seamless journey. Elevate your consciousness with our Macrodosed Gummies and embark on a transcendent adventure through consciousness.


  • Each gummy contains 0.4g of psilocybin for precise macrodosing

  • Expertly extracted psilocybin ensures optimal potency

  • Crafted with premium organic ingredients for purity and quality

  • Delightful taste experience with our premium gummy recipe

  • Convenient and easy-to-consume form for on-the-go enjoyment

  • May provide mood enhancement, anxiety relief, and spiritual exploration opportunities

Serving: 10 pieces x 0.4g per piece

Flavors: Blackberry Lemonade | Strawberry | Mango

Ingredients: Full spectrum organic psilocybin from mushrooms, organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, pectin ascorbic acid (vitamin C), fruiting body*, citric acid, vegetable extract (color), natural lemon flavor, natural flavor, sunflower oil


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Customer Reviews

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James O
Getting rid of my old negative view of the world

This medicine is helping me change my beliefs about the world and myself. I was raised with a negative mindset. This has been the thing that has helped me continue to make a change in myself for the better. I take one every 2 days. No more SSRI.