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MycroChips Gummies

MycroChips Gummies

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16 pieces x .25g (4g total)

Flavors inside: blackberry lemonade, strawberry, peach, green apple. 

Embark on an enlightened journey with Mycrochips Gummies. Delight in the fusion of organic fruit flavors and the mystical embrace of psilocybin, as you explore the interconnected universe within. Let the symphony of flavors and collective wisdom guide you towards personal growth and boundless wonder. Embrace the unknown, unlock your mind, and savor the experience - where enlightenment awaits in every bite.

Ingredients: organic tapioca, organic sugar, pectin, organic lab grade psilocybin mushrooms, asorbic acid (vitamin C), cetric acid, organic natural extracts and organic sunflower oil.

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