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MycroChips Dark Chocolate Bar

MycroChips Dark Chocolate Bar

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4g psilocybin

MycroChips Chocolate Bars are uniquely crafted edibles infused with Michigan-grown psilocybin mushrooms. There is one 4000MG (4Gram) chocolate bar divided into 15 pieces (230MG or .23G per piece). This delicious chocolate bar MUST be consumed with responsibility. For those who have never tripped or ingested psychedelic mushrooms: start small, remember to create a good physical setting, and maintain a good and positive mindset before consuming. Enjoy the journey!

Ingredients: organic lab grade psilocybin mushrooms, organic cacao, organic cacao butter, organic raw sugar, organic chamomile, organic strawberry, organic vanilla, sea salt, zeolite, bentonite clays, mambé

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